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Lee County, Florida is a special, sunny place that sits along the sparkling, azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Just beyond our white-sand beaches, a network of artificial reefs providing diving, snorkeling, boating and fishing opportunities for residents and
visitors of Southwest Florida.

Looking to catch some fish? Check out our Local Hot Spots

Here are a couple hot spots around the islands of SW. Florida. If you have any questions about these places please ask us when you stop in the store to pick up your tackle.

Stump Pass

26D 53.60
82D 20.50

Gasparilla Pass

26D 48.50
82D 17.00

Boca Grande Pass

26D 42.50
82D 17.00

Captiva Pass

26D 36.41
82D 13.40

Redfish Pass

26D 33.03
82D 12.50

Matanzas Pass

26D 27.756
81D 58.351

Big Carlos Pass

26D 23.653
81D 53.690

New Pass

26D 22.462
81D 52.388

Wiggins Pass

26D 16.97
81D 50.31

Fishing on SW. Florida's artificial reefs can be a rewarding year-round experience. Depending on the location of the reef and the time of year, a wide assortment of popular saltwater game fish may be landed by experienced or novice anglers, employing a variety of fishing techniques.

Below is a list of the Artificial Reefs in
our Local Waters!

Some of the Best SW. Florida Artificial Reef Locations:

Danger Reef

26D 45.550
82D 11.175

Fish Haven

26D 41.20
82D 22.20

Boxcar Reef

26D 41.830
82D 36.063

Sherman's Reef Barge

26D 32.887
82D 24.931

Sanibel Reef

26D 24.700
82D 02.600

Edison Reef

26D 18.700
82D 13.400

Cadillac Wreck

25D 53.16
82D 17.48

Information About Fish You'll Find In Our Waters

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