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Frozen Bait Cape Coral

At Cape Tool and Tackle we offer a bunch of different Frozen baits. Our Baits include Regular Shrimp, Jumbo Shrimp, Squid, Sardines, Chum Blocks and Mullet. Below is some tips on how to keep your baits cool when your offshore fishing in the waters of SW. Florida.

A Few of the most popular Frozen Baits We Carry!

Frozen Shrimp

Frozen Mullet

Frozen Sardines

Frozen Squid

Keeping Bait Fresh and Appetizing

The most important aspect of offshore saltwater fishing is in the bait that you use. Many fisherman like to use live bait with a combination of leaders and streamers. Others will use artificial lures when live bait is not available. Others yet will use frozen bait that is preserved for offshore saltwater fishing. Preserving your bait is important to keep it fresh and appealing to the predatory fish in the sea.

Keep Temperature Low

If you are going to be using bait that is already dead then you need to keep it at a cool temperature in order for it to be fresh when hitting the water. It is important to distinguish between frozen and cool. While you want the bait to be cold it does not necessarily have to be frozen. If you have to wait several days for your trip, then the bait should be frozen. However, if bought fresh, then a cold temperature will make sure they are preserved and pliable when needed.

Use Plenty of Salt

Storing the saltwater fishing bait in the boat will require that you use plenty of sea salt to keep it preserved. The salt will halt any bacteria that can set in while you are transporting the bait. Pack the uncut bait in a storage container that is both cool and full of salt.

Marinate the Bait

Another preservation method that can be used is to marinate the bait in some mineral oil and garlic salt. Pour the mineral oil into a container and add the bait. Then sprinkle in some garlic salt over the bait. Once the container is sealed it should be kept this way for at least 14 days. This will kill off any organisms that are contained in the fish.

Information About Fish You'll Find In Our Waters

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