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Black Fin Shark | Sw. Florida Waters

Appearance: Dark, bluish-gray (young paler) back, with a distinctive whitish stripe on the flank. The inside tip of the pectoral fin is conspicuously black, as are the dorsal and anal fin tips, and lower lobe of caudal in young blacktips. First dorsal fin begins above the axil of pectoral fin with no middorsal ridge. Upper and lower teeth are serrated and nearly symmetrical

Habitat: Blacktips often come inshore in large schools, particularly in association with Spanish mackerel. Frequently the most common shark in clear-water cuts and along beaches in Florida and Bahamas.

State Record: 152 lbs. (blacktip).

Fishing Tips and Facts: Blacktip sharks are sometimes caught by sport fishermen off the beach or offshore They provide a good fight, often leaping out of the water.

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